Community Run

First debuted in 2013, the Terry Fox Run has become one of the key charity events for both Canadians and locals in Hong Kong. Our runs have engaged more than 1500 families and young adults annually.

The event is volunteer-organized with no budget for expenses and 100% of net proceeds go to support cure-oriented, biomedical cancer research projects locally. 

This year marks our 9th Annual Terry Fox Run in Hong Kong.


2021 Terry Fox Virtual Run Hong Kong

JANUARY 8TH, 2022 to FEBRUARY 6TH, 2022

The Terry Fox Run Hong Kong is excited to announce that we will continue to support cancer research through a Virtual Run for our 2021 event. 

It will be a month-long challenge powered by the MOVE app.

You can complete the run as an individual or with a team, whatever way you like.  Whether it’s around the neighborhood or at the park, you can choose your own route while running for this very important cause striving to help raise money to support cancer research locally.

Like every Terry Fox Run Hong Kong before this, the run is all-inclusive, everyone, no matter their physical ability or age is welcome. Run or walk a distance of your choosing. There is no minimum donation required.

2 Ways to Join

Set your goal and complete it within the 30 day Clock-in period!
Get moving to support our cause! 

Run or walk a distance of your choosing.  

  • 5km
  • 10km 
  • 42km – Terry ran close to this distance, a full marathon, every day!
  • 143km – Terry ran for 143 days!
Join as a Team

Rally your family and friend and join the virtual run as a team!

From 2 to 20, the more the merrier! Choose a distance for your team:

  • 143km – Terry ran for 143 days!
  • 2,940km – Finish Terry’s cross Canada run! 
  • 5,373km – Match Terry’s total distance ran!

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