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Terry Fox’s name is synonymous with courage, humility, determination, and perseverance. His story, although sad, from a young age he exemplified these attributes which made him an inspiration to people of all ages. Certainly in Canada, but also around the world, Terry’s legacy continues to grow and live on through the actions of countless educators and volunteers. At last count, Terry Fox Runs take place regularly in over 35 countries worldwide, in most instances, they are school-based runs. Organizing a Terry Fox event at your school is easier than you think, why not get started today?


Whether you have previously been involved in a School Run, a Terry Fox Community-Run, or you find yourself entirely new to the experience, your action is meaningful. Empowering young people to embrace Terry’s powerful message of hope and encouraging them to stand up to take action is truly a rewarding experience for everyone involved. By making the decision and taking decisive action, your effort and that of your learning community will go a long way in making Terry’s ultimate dream of a world without cancer a reality. 

Hosting a Terry Fox Run at your is an incredible way to build school spirit and unite all members of your school community in working towards a school fundraising goal!


Have It Your Way!

“Terry Fox School Runs” in Hong Kong can be specifically tailored to suit your school’s environment and culture. Events can be structured in multiple ways such as inter-class competitions or family oriented events aimed at including all members of your school’s community – students, teachers and parents alike. If your school is short on space, outside venues such as government sports grounds can be arranged and booked to help embed the Terry Fox culture of helping others at your school. No matter what your requirements or limitations may be, “Trying Like Terry” can be the mantra your students adopt as they discover the valuable lessons exemplified by Terry’s action. The main aim of course is to have fun while raising money in support of local cancer research!


Numerous resources are free and accessible to assist your school in conveying Terry’s remarkable story. Visit  “Terry’s Virtual Classroom” , created by the Terry Fox Foundation in Canada for a one-stop shop with podcasts, videos, lesson plans, fun activities and more. Additional resources like morning announcements, assembly or presentation tools, and even a Spotify playlist can be found HERE.




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